Display an action's Start Date and Time (UTC) on a page for the end user to view

Display an action's Start Date and Time (UTC) on a page for the end user to view

Are there plans to allow the Start Date and Time (UTC) of an action to be forward facing to end users? This could potentially be shown as a tooltip where actions are published on to the page.

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It would be indeed really helpful... 


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This would be amazing! I know several customers that send files to Anaplan stating when certain processes have been run to show this information to end-users. Being able to link it via a formel would solve this workaround.

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Had this request from a Client today


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Please add this in, we have a client needing this functionality immediately


This would be very helpful

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I support this idea, this will be very helpful when customers asked us to display the timestamp of an action in a dashboard. 

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This comes up time and time again with clients - do Anaplan have any updates on when the action timestamp will be available to end users?



I recently designed a solution for the end user to view the Last Run Timestamp of Actions.

Solution involved two step process to be performed by the end user.

Once the user had run the action they were needed to
1. Download the details in export file.
2. Upload the same file in Anaplan without changing anything in the file.


Details of the build:

1. First create an export of the Actions tab. The export definition needs to saved so that a process can be created for end user to export the details of Actions tab.
Save as CSV format and in Labels tab tick 'Include Row Label Headers'. Set as default file for: Everyone.
2. Create a Module with line items to display the action names which the end user wants to see. This module can have Time dimension added so that the action run time can be saved (month on month or whatever frequency you wish to save them).
3. Create an Import using the export file of step 1. Mapping Tab-->Map the Source "Time" as Ask each time import is run. Line Items will get mapped to "Column 1: Actions". Data Values from "Column 3: Start Date and Time (UTC)". Time tab --> Nothing to be done. Line items tab--> Map the Line Items with the Process or Import action for which last run time is to be displayed. And run the import.


UX Design
Put the export action in a Process and Publish as Download Last Run Time of Actions.
Publish the Import of actions grid on another card.
Publish the module where the import is being done.

So an end user has to run the actions. Then click on download the file action and without changing anything just upload back the file and the last run time will be visible.


Note: You can import both Processes and Import Actions runtime from Actions grid. Size wise its just the line item multiplied by the time frequency you deicide to store/display. 


I am including the detailed screenshots for reference. Hope this helps everyone till we can directly display the timestamps to end user. 




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