Duplicate my page

Duplicate my page

Hi Team


Please add the ability for end users to duplicate pages under the my pages section.

Currently, they have to goto master page for re-creating any pages. Duplicating from already created pages will save time.





Hi @Kudiarasu 


Can you expand on the use case you are trying to solve for? 


Just want to make sure I am wrapping my head around it correctly. 

Thank you!

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indeed.. it would be nice to have a possiblity like "Save as.." for  a page in "My-page".


matthew.mccurdy@slalom.com  a case could be that a user would like to start from an existing "my-page" and create a new one similar to an existing one. 



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Yes - @alexpavel! It would be a great improvement if the save as personal page would allow a "save as" so the filters or pivots are saved rather than only saving a "local" copy of the original.  Many of the end-users are not able to build pages using the cards and understanding the modules, but often like to filter or adjust time frames showing only the periods they want and want those adjustments to save on their copy.