Dynamic Cells Calculation (DCC)

Dynamic Cells Calculation (DCC)


This feature would allow to selectively switch between "Calculation" or "Manual Input" on a specific LineItem.


Much like the DCA, the DCC would be based on a boolean. When True, the formula would apply but when False the user would be allowed to type data.


This would allow to make Anaplan much more dynamic and greatly limit the number of actions in most models.


For example, in the same LineItem "Revenue" could be based on :

  • a transactional actual data before a switchover,
  • manually type for the current year,
  • and calculated based on a kpi in the futur.



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This would be a great addition. At this moment, we are limited to choose between a formula line item or a editable line item. 

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I came up with a similar idea about 1.5 y ago but did not get much traction:



Would be a great addition to the roadmap!

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Yes, sorry for the repost, it's exactly the same idea 🙂

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@damien.bouquier great minds think alike ! 😄


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Great Idea....it helps to get rid of creating duplicate line items in use cases like where we need to override the caluclated value.


The possibilities this would introduce to modelling would be mindblowing and I can think of a thing or two (workarounds) in nearly every model I ever built which could be replaced. 

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I support this idea whole hartedly. 

Can come with a few models where it would have saved quite some cells and improved User Experience

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I like this idea.


One case this applies to is the override functionality for numeric data, which currently involves 1) an override? boolean that users will check and 2) the override value. The boolean is still present, but it moves to the back-end, possibly with less dimensionality. And I don't want us to underestimate the user experience. The very fact that a user clicks on the cell is enough to show intent to want to override. No need to separately tick a boolean AND input an override number.


And this is just one case. There are many many others.


This would be very helpful.

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