Editing Columns of Lists on Dashboards

Editing Columns of Lists on Dashboards

When a list is published to a dashboard, it would be nice if some of the functions available for modules are also available:

  • Hiding/Showing certain columns
  • Editing specific column widths (currently, all columns aside from the first are sized to the same width)
  • Adding color/conditional formatting to specific columns
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In cases where a custom experience is required (for list management) using a module is often easier, and provides greater flexibility, and even control.


For example, we cannot use any of the following for lists published to dashboards:  filters, hide/show columns, conditional formatting, and, significantly for many of my clients, preventing the deletion of list items (I think this last one is true).

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I think this was already submitted but if I remember rightly it was not accepted/didn't go further. I agree it would make life easier and prevent the need of extra development. I find publishing lists to dashboards is mainly suitable for admin dashboards, but as soon as you need to present it to users, customization becomes a necessity.


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