Enhance Anaplan to fully integrate with customer's identity provisioning systems

Enhance Anaplan to fully integrate with customer's identity provisioning systems

Please enhance the Anaplan platform so that it has the capability of importing users and user groups directly from a customer's identity provisioning system at our Tenant Administration layer.


Segregation of duties at many customers results in user authentication and group assignment being the responsibility of a separate IT group from those involved with Anaplan.


An out-of the box feature would remove the necessity of building a workaround from scratch and would add rigor to user authentication and maintenance.





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I may be taking this idea in a different direction than @Ernie_Goff originally intended, in which case I can raise a separate feature request.  Customer Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has requested a second option for multi factor authentication than just Single Sign On.   The business case is that the customer would like a limited number of users from a supplier (so, external to SAS) to be able to log in, but with a multi-factor authentication protocol.  As that supplier's users are not internal SAS they are not in SAS's Active Directory and thus the SSO approach will not work.  They wish that the Anaplan Platform allowed for another approach (like, sending an SMS to the person logging in, with authentication code, to verify the user, in addition to the user name and password). 

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We have a roadmap deliverable to support LDAP 2.0 compliant providers.  This requirement falls under that intiative.

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