Enhancement for developers (impact analysis)

Enhancement for developers (impact analysis)

There are cases where the range of impact cannot be specified by the Anaplan mechanism.

This is a huge problem in large-scale development. It is a major obstacle to the expansion of Anaplan business, and I would like you to improve it immediately.

1. There is no mechanism to specify the Module / Line Item used in Filter. (= I don't know which Filter will be affected when changing LineItem)
2. There is no mechanism to specify Modules before and after Import / Export. (= I don't know the relationship with the Import / Export destination Module)


There is no means other than manual support for the above problem.


Furthermore, in cases other than the above, it is possible to identify the affected part by tracing "Referenced By" column from the Anaplan screen, but instead of tracing on the screen, data shoud be extracted from the outside using the API for developers.

I want you to be able to do it. If it is assumed that humans look at the screen and check, there will always be omissions in the impact investigation.

Again, this is critical issues when it is a large scale program to keep quality.