Enhancements to API

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Enhancements to API

Would like to see additional enhancements to the API, things like retrieving line item blueprints, list/module editing, list properties, etc.


This would enable customers to control their Anaplan environments with various automations.

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I agree that this would be a nice API enhancement, however, as a workaround, General Lists, Line Items, and Modules can all be exported via Actions and then those actions can be called from the API.  This needs to be setup model-by-model initially, but then can be automated/scheduled to harvest the metadata once the actions are in place.


Hi @ablack / @EarlC - We have launched a whole new set of REST APIs (Transactional APIs) over the last 2 years for similar use cases. I would like your feedback on the Transactional APIs, fitment to your use cases and need for additional APIs or enhancements to existing ones. Please type here or email me at chanaveer.kadapatti@anaplan.com.



Chanaveer Kadapatti

Principal Product Manager - Anaplan