Excel Add-In: Module Security/Restriction

Excel Add-In: Module Security/Restriction

When using the Excel Add-In, there is currently no way to restrict a module from being pulled into Excel if a user is provided access to that module.


We have multiple users whose roles require them to view confidential data within Anaplan, but they should not have the ability to export the data out of Anaplan. Within Anaplan’s dashboard settings, the ability to restrict a user from being able to export a module does exist and is necessary to prevent specific data from being accessed outside of Anaplan, such as a salary detail module used in our Budgeting model. If we allow users to use the Excel Add-In, we lose our ability to ensure users are not storing or accessing this data outside of the Anaplan interface and thereby lose our ability to maintain control over the security of the data.


We would like to see an additional security setting that allows us to “lock-down” specific modules to ensure that confidential information is not able to be exported outside of Anaplan via the Excel Add-In.

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This should be included as a feature for Excel Add-In.

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Building off of this post a bit - if we are unable to restrict a particular module, then being able to restrict if the add-in can be used at all with a particular model would be helpful (although not ideal). 

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