Excel Add-in Authentication method settings (applicable to PPT as well?)

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Excel Add-in Authentication method settings (applicable to PPT as well?)



As an add-in user I would like to be able to change the authentication settings anytime after the first installation attempt.

This is because while a number of users might be able to install an Add-In on their machine with non admin rights they would not be able to uninstall it.

This means that if a user is providing the wrong URL during setup they will not be able to change the settings. As such they would need to uninstall the Add-in and Re-install it again (often leading to a ticket request with their IT department).

If I remember rightly this was a feature in previous add-in versions that is not present in the latest release ? It would be helpful to apply the same to the PPT Add-in, if relevant.




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Thanks a lot @Alessio_Pagliano for your suggestion. You are right this was the case in Excel Add-in 2.6.


Great news, this is on our roadmap for both Excel and PowerPoint add-ins, so it should be coming in the next few months.


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Hi @MagaliP , 


That's good to know, thanks! Subscribed! 🕺




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If you would like to see prototypes of this idea, join our add-in feedback group and sign up to a session about the future Excel add-in 4.0.

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Check out what's new in Excel Add-in 4.0


We have not done it for PowerPoint though.

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