Excel Add in inheriting flow from the web UX

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Excel Add in inheriting flow from the web UX

Does anyone know if there are plans for the Excel add in to more closely align with the web UX? 


For example, a few things that would be a big help in my opinion:

-Allowing user to select a dashboard by name, which would then then filter down to show only the modules on that dashboard (obviously this wouldn't pull KPIs or anything, but at least pointing them in the right direction for consistency)

-Inherit grid titles from the dashboard and/or allow for searching by something other than the module name

-Restricting what modules can be pulled via Excel without restricting security for the web

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Number 3 is on the roadmap, follow these ideas: Security/restriction for the add-in - similar to this idea


The other ones need more info, please join our feedback group for opportunities to take part in our user feedback sessions.

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