Excel Add-in: restrict end-user ability to create a new connection

Excel Add-in: restrict end-user ability to create a new connection

  • DescriptionAs an author of the new Idea, I want to suggest the new level of security in Add-on(s). Where we can restrict the Non - WSA User not to create a new work book using the models that they may have access to.
  • Example of EnhancementIf the user is not a WSA for the particular model he should not have access to, the given button(Attached Screenshots)Excel Add on snipp.PNGin Anaplan [Add-ins]. So that he is not able to introduce new model in his worksheets and modify the details.


  • Benefit / ImpactThis will restrict the user to insert and create the new worksheets with the existing Anaplan model in which we may have to give access, to him as read or write.
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Hi Nitika,


Thank you for your suggestion.


I have invited you to the add-in feedback group, we have sessions currently about adding additional add-in security settings in the tenant console so you might want to sign up for one of the sessions.

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Great idea. This would be especially useful in large models where users may be unfamiliar with the modules and their usage within the model

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