Excel add-in, Date time settings

Excel add-in, Date time settings

Excel Add-In error: Refresh failed due to unexpected error.

Found out that when the Excel template is created with Regional settings [ ex. decimal symbol as Dot / . ] is different from your system settings [ ex. Decimal symbol Comma / , ]  then the refresh fails and shows up unexpected error.



This is solved as soon as the Changes are made in Control Panel > Change Date Time Settings > Additional Settings.


Hope this is resolved in future releases. 

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@Kudiarasu - could you please raise this with Anaplan Support so we can investigate? Thank you

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Hi @MagaliP 


I have raised a case # 00318336




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Kudoed! This issue is hindering us from doing a full rollout of the Excel plugin.

From testing, the only region settings that work for us is English US or English UK. Would be great if the region setting of the computer did not affect the plugin at all.