Expand "Tree View" for Lists beyond 1,000 items

Expand "Tree View" for Lists beyond 1,000 items

Lists automatically convert from "Tree View" to "Grid View" once the 1,000 item limitation is reached.  In my opinion, the Tree View is much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate, particularly as the data set gets larger.  It would be great if the Tree View was maintained for an infinite amount of items (or at least a larger amount, such as 1 million).




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Hi Anaplan Product Management,


Any update on this enhancement request as one of our lists recently went over 1000 items? It is so much easier to manage list via Tree View rather than Grid View.


Would have made a great Christmas gift if this feature was implemented in 2021. From a Product Management Roadmap perspective, I think this should be on Top 5 features to implement in early 2022!


Song Park


Senior Manager, Clinical Information Systems