Export - Data Source

Export - Data Source

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I am thinking that would be very beneficial for model builders to have the possibility to view Data Sources for Export Definitions. For the large models with lots of external integrations and different export actions is pretty difficult to follow the source of a particular export if you can have dozens of saved view for one Module.


Found this topic from last year. Thought of bringing it back into discussion. 



Agree. I use the notes section for each action to document the source & saved view but that's not very reliable especially if someone forgets to update the notes when they change the source or view. Great suggestion!

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There are also some similar discussions on this thread as well. 




Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to understand with what filter definition was an export action created, even looking at the metatada of an export action using the API's.





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Agreed with this - it's especially useful when we are trying to debug what views we're using to export to our data warehouse or alternatively when we create extract buttons for the end user.


Documentation and naming convention of the export action always helps, but when documentation isn't updated it's always best to be able to see what the system is actually looking at to pull data from.

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Agreed - many times I get emails from end-users asking where an exported excel file of a dashboard is available in Anaplan.  This requires knowing the structure of every dashboard available or individually reviewing.  If the export would include the dashboard name it would significantly cut down on navigation issues. 

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Great suggestion, more system generated documentation would make navigation simpler.