Export files as Excel(.xlsx) format from Anaplan

Export files as Excel(.xlsx) format from Anaplan

Description of the enhancement required:
I want to be able to export Excel(.xlsx) format from the Export Dialogue Box in the model.


An example of the enhancement:
1) Open any module in a model, go to Data dropdown list, select Export.
2) In the Layout tab, user wants to be able to select Excel(.xlsx) as a File Type under Export Format.
3) User is unable to do so with the current model.

How would it help the business process:
When the user exports using Excel(.xls) File Type, it limits the rows/columns that can be extracted out of Anaplan.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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We would also like to see support for the latest format for Excel during an Export operation.

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There is now an option to export to .xlsx.

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Making some noise on this one - it's now 2021 and Microsoft are retiring ond formats - I get an error when trying to open an .xls format.


Please can the default be updated to .xlsx.