Export line item codes

Description of the enhancement:

To be able to export the line item codes instead of only the line item name.


Description of business use:

I have a financial statement report module where I have accounts as line items. This is because some of the accounts are calculated. We have a need to export this module with account codes for integration with, for example, data warehouse instead of line item names and we cannot find an option to export line item codes.

Let's say I have a measure named "X" that is calculated X+Y/Z. That X has to be a line item to have the calculation. Let's assume that this item X has code 123 that is used in data warehouse. I cannot directly export this measure with code 123 but only with name "X" that is not used in data warehouse (or the name changes once in a while and therefore I have to use the code).



I managed to find one solution for this. I created a module where I have list with same items that are line items in another module. Then I update the export module with the import-function by matching line items with dimension. Then I can use the export function and choose to export codes from the account dimension. This works but is not that elegant way of doing it.

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Agreed with the above.


Linking the Anaplan Fields (especially Line items) and not having an option to export the Codes of them (even though there is an option to create such codes) is a difficult case when it comes to data warehouse of any sort.


Therefore looking forward to adding extra Export option (from the standard view) and not only from Blueprint.


While this may not be what this feature was originally created (nor I think a lot of users use it), it hopefully should be a quick change and a very useful one when speaking about automation and links with any data warehouse.


+1 from me

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