Extend Workspace size beyond 130 GB

Current 130 GB limit is not enough for organizations with huge data lists used as the module dimensions. Extending size will help to maintain real-time ability by not splitting solutions into different models/workspaces.

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I fully support this idea. We have currently ran into space issues and cannot really develop meaningful reports that require large datasets/lists and modules. 130 GB size limitation may have been a novel idea (initially), but it really is a huge restriction for an organization with millions of records spread across multiple hierarchies. We are needed to constantly find ways to hoop around this space limitation issue. 


Anaplan needs to come up with quick and scalable means for large organizations to be able to create reports on the platform that increase model size beyond 130 GBs. 

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We need Anaplan to develop into a truly scalable solution. The max workspace size lead to a complex architecture, when we are forced to implement workarounds and less generic structures. We spend a high share of effort on designing around this limitation, this time goes away from designing the optimal functionality.

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We fully support the idea ! We need this ! We have pretty complex models per market, and we are constantly spending money and resource to keep the model size under control, leading us to limiting functionalities (remove plan versions, remove history). In a sense this is healthy, as it forces us to clean data, but this is too much and it comes to a point where this slows down our Anaplan roll-outs ! Fabien from Bacardi

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Totally needed, i discovered this limitation today and i was amazed that such kind of limit would exist at all !

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Apologies for the status change

We had a change of status set up in our system which re-set some of the flags 

This one is one the roadmap


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When can we expect the functionality (Extended Workspace Limit) to be rolled out and what the increase in size/final maximum workspace size would be, if it is rolled out?




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