Format checker

Format checker

I want Anaplan to check if the FORMAT of my line item correspond the the formula i'm entering BEFORE starting the calculation and if the format doesn't match the expected result, i want Anaplan to hold the calculation until i can change the format to match the formula results.


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Thanks for the idea @annejulie - Moving this to acknowledged so that it can continue to get support!

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Same idea occured to me (probably after my zillionth rollback from forgetting to change the format type), except I would add that it should be smart enough to know what format my formula is attempting to return, and offer to change it for me.  i.e. if I'm typing something that should be a boolean in a new line item that is a Number format...offer to change it to a boolean for me and then apply the formula.

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I think this is a wonderful idea and would be a good start for the concept of "predictive modeling".  This may seem like a relatively minor thing but it can be a source of irritation when you know the formula and simply forget to update the format prior to input.  Thanks for suggesting @annejulie!

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Just adding, some of the checking could be easy, but other times, the calculation will have to run to know what the result is, but I agree that simple checks would be great

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I think we have a lot customers requesting for this and the impact of rollback adds more impact.

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