Gantt chart with several bars on a same row

Gantt chart with several bars on a same row



I really like the new Gantt chart drag & drop feature in NUX. One key point to have a fully usable Gantt chart would be to be able to have several bars/objects on a same row: below for example I am displaying a production campaign plan, and it would be much better to have one row per furnace/machine, with the sequence of campaigns/tasks on the same rows, than one row per task.

image (2).png
Some use cases for which it would be very key:
- Project / Tasks planning app: where you want to see, one row per resource, with a sequence of several tasks
- Trade Promotion management app: you want to manage your promotion plan with for example one row per product category (or store), and several bars that would be the individual promotions.
- Supply chain production plan: the one i described at the top
- I am pretty sure there are many other use cases.

Of course the capability to be able to move / drag & drop one bar on another one would be awesome.

Other nice examples: 
image (3).png
Picture 1.png

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Hi team,


I would like to request the ability to display multiple segments or bars on the same horizontal row of a Gantt Chart. Here is the example:



This request stems from a Production Scheduling use case: each bar with the same colour is a different production batch of the same product type, so instead of having a row per batch, we can visualize the different batches of the same product on the same row.


I guess that the source module to hold the data to be repored with this chart could have Time (X axis) and Product (Y axis) as dimensions, and Start and End dates as Line items, in this way we could capture the different start and end dates for each of the bars to be reported per row?





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This is a must have. Would also like to see Multiple Milestones in the same row. Currently page builders can only put a single Milestone in a single row which is very limiting. Current state below:



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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap