Gantt chart with several bars on a same row

Gantt chart with several bars on a same row



I really like the new Gantt chart drag & drop feature in NUX. One key point to have a fully usable Gantt chart would be to be able to have several bars/objects on a same row: below for example I am displaying a production campaign plan, and it would be much better to have one row per furnace/machine, with the sequence of campaigns/tasks on the same rows, than one row per task.

image (2).png
Some use cases for which it would be very key:
- Project / Tasks planning app: where you want to see, one row per resource, with a sequence of several tasks
- Trade Promotion management app: you want to manage your promotion plan with for example one row per product category (or store), and several bars that would be the individual promotions.
- Supply chain production plan: the one i described at the top
- I am pretty sure there are many other use cases.

Of course the capability to be able to move / drag & drop one bar on another one would be awesome.

Other nice examples: 
image (3).png
Picture 1.png

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