Hide/Display object based on condition

Hide/Display object based on condition

As a page builder I need the ability to hide/display an object based on a condition (list item, cell based value, etc)


I will know this is successful when I can customize my pages hiding & displaying objects as required.


This is particularly helpful for multi-market applications which require specific customizations/process exceptions. For example I might have one or more markets planning at specific levels or having specific input/calcs/output that aren't relevant for others. 

With this option I would have total flexibility in maintaining a single page/app that I can deploy to all markets. I would then be able to display or hide objects as required without the need of :

- Creating/maintaining an additional page

- Enabling personal pages




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@Alessio_Pagliano  Totally agree with you , It will also help in showing information only related to the current context. Elements are not applicable for all the combinations. 

+1 from my side!

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You are super right! I should have included that too