Hide pages in New UX based on user role

Hide pages in New UX based on user role

Being able to hide pages in the new UX based on role, not just selective access, in a way similar to Contents for the classic UX would help control user access so that users don't see pages that aren't relevant to their needs. 

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I agree. Some way to customize page/app access by role/user is critical for our business. Otherwise, we will need to redesign a lot of our model architecture in order to drive security purely based on access to underlying modules, rather than simply showing/hiding pages from a user's settings.

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@daian , @DavidEdwards  I think is already delivered. You can restrict the pages based on the roles using "Page Options"-> "Restrict Access" from the design mode of a page. 

However, you do not have a nice interface as "Content" like where you have a matrix between pages and roles to have a general view of this. 

You need to do it page by page... Maybe this interface can be improved. 






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Thanks, @alexpavel! I agree. I think this was delivered at some point since the original post was made, and it fits the need for restricting access.

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Thanks @alexpavel.  That is very helpful. It would be very nice to hide full pages from the App view by user role (vs. having to click into it before finding out you do not have access). Does anyone know of a way to do this?  Thanks, JZ

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Is there news on this issue? I have three home pages depending on the role