ISFIRSTOCCURENCE - Limitation to be increased



It would be really useful for the 10 million items limit for isfirstoccurence to be lifted.


If the product team could comment on why this is? (I believe it is due to performance implications and if it is there better way to achieve this on large data sets?)





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hang tight

Coming soon hopefully


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Thanks @DavidSmith I can't wait for that to come!

No expected performance implications? 

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Not so far in testing, we may introduce some limits as a cautionary measure - We are testing out different limits


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this could be really helpful when big extractions from ERP systems at a very detailed level needs to be imported in Anaplan and are used to update the lists from these extractions. 


the summary modules are working...but updating the lists it can become a little difficult to find workarounds: using different lists, sub-sets...etc. 


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