Ignore blank dates for MIN calculations

Ignore blank dates for MIN calculations

I'd like Anaplan to ignore blank dates when performing MIN calculations: MIN, x[MIN:y], and MIN as a summary function.


For numbers, I can see why 0 is evaluated since sometimes those are true zeroes, but for dates this makes much less sense. With dates, I would want the MIN calculations to return blank only if all of the items are blank or do not exist.

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Indeed it would be useful to have the possibility to ignore "blanks" or "zeros" for MIN functions adding a parameter to the function/summary method. 





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This bug/feature request is part of a generalized issue with how Anaplan does not distinguish between null vs zero values.  This also shows up in treating nulls as zeros in all aggregation functions--I'm thinking of Average specifically.  I'd encourage that this be fixed for ALL aggregations, not just MIN.

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