Import: add "Ignore All Unmapped" option with manual mapping

Import: add "Ignore All Unmapped" option with manual mapping

currently w/ manual importing Match or Ignore are the only options for assign/ignore an item. It would be huge time-saving for Admins to add "ignore all" option so all unmapped can just be skipped. 


IRL example, source have 400 accounts and target only need use 20 of them. it's very time consuming to click "ignore" for the rest 380 accounts individually. 

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This feature could also be added to the "match on names or codes" option - Anaplan automatically ignores summary level items (which makes sense), but there is no way to ignore unmapped list items, whether ignoring all or specific cases. The current import functionality becomes an issue when administrators don't have visibility into whether there were unmapped cases that actually need to be addressed, especially when scheduling these tasks in an API/iPaaS tool. 


From a model building perspective, this mapping issue could be solved using subsets, but this (1) causes tedious maintenance efforts and (2) requires overhauling existing model structure (actions and module dimensions). 

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