Improved colour options for conditional formatting

Improved colour options for conditional formatting

Description of the enhancement required:
Improve conditional formatting by allowing more color options


How would it help their business process:
Lack of color options hurt the display to end users

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This product improvement is also highly demanded by my client and it is very useful for them to have more colour selection for their reporting. We hope to see this new improvement in the very near future

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I would imagine this being a relatively simple fix by allowing a color grid of the hexidecimal color systems, and selecting the 'low point' color, crossing a direct line to the 'mid-point' color when applicable, to the 'high-point' color, so that there is any given number of options.

I would also recommend having default colors, specifically the ones that are currently avalible, as an alternative selection from the color grid.

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Can someone from Anaplan comment if this is still under development with the current interface or part of the new UI development?

We have a use case where end-users require colors that are not part of the current palette and we are forced to use an Anaplan / EXCEL hybrid solution to make it work. Very frustrating to go back to excel for "conditional formatting"!

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I second the above....

I've noticed a few ideas have been tagged against the new UX only and 2018 saw a very quiet Q3 and Q4 in terms of enhancements. Does it mean the entire team is focusing on the new UX or are you expecting enhancements to be made available under the existing UX ?




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We are working on some minor improvements to the current UX but the majorirty of the team are working on the new UX so we can make this available to our users as soon as possible. We currently have no plans to enhance the current conditional formatting capability in the current UX but will develop new conditional formatting capabilities in the new UX including a wider range of colours.

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Not sure if it's just me but....any chances of making it easier for builders to create/manage the colour coding (eg removing/reducing the need to create specific LIs, etc?)

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