In NUX on worksheets, the ability to publish rollup levels as context selectors

In NUX on worksheets, the ability to publish rollup levels as context selectors

On worksheets within the NUX, there is currently no ability to publish rollup levels only as context selectors and synchronize.  In old UX, you could publish any list as a context selector and then synchronize on selection, so that allowed you to sync with any level in the hierarchy.  The workaround currently is publish cards in the insights panel and synch those but it would be preferable to be able to do this with context selectors, either by allowing you to filter or even better to be able to publish selected lists as context selectors.  

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@jnoone - I thought that was already possible via the show/hide option? and yes i've just played with a board and can amend the selector to have L1 and L2 and that's what appears and can then filter accordingly. you'll need to have the card configured right for the required dimension if it's a row/column.

granted this can't be done using saved views, but I guess if one card is off the default then it should all link through?


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and you might also find this: quite a helpful place.



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Hi Andrew, the request is to do this in Worksheets as well and not just Boards.  

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In that case have some points... seems odd that you can't apply roll-up filter on the dimensions on the page but you can for the others. Maybe the issue because it's pivotable it would constantly be updating itself too much? so if you jigged things around user could end up not being able to see something completely by accident.

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Same- my customer is facing this issue and reporting this as a product bug.

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Agreed - it would be great to get this functionality back.

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@andrewtye @jnoone  .. it seems that it is considered for a future roadmap ( see below link)


Indeed, it is a pity that for the lists from columns or rows you don't have the possibility to show/hide and filter the elements. 


I hope will be soon solved.