In blueprint view, show if a line item is used in a filter

In blueprint view, show if a line item is used in a filter

In blueprint view, we can see if a line item is referenced by a formula, but not if it's used in a filter. When cleaning models, we can end up deleting items used in filters and breaking filters with no warning.
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This would be extremely helpful when reviewing models that others have put together. We greatly need this feature at our current client.

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In my last project this feature would have been a big help. Perhaps a new Tab could be created next to Line Items in the Modules node of the Explorer menu. This could show the line items used in each view by module and the filter condition etc.

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Have run into this problem multiple time, currently only comments can be used but some functionality would be nice.

Additionally the subsidiary view would also be nice to be referenced



As it we just did our spring clean-up in Data Hub, this would have saved quite some time...

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Totally agree - I do encourage you to use the notes column to identify that it is used.  Not perfect but better than nothing for now