Increase Code character limit in List

Increase Code character limit in List

Description of the enhancement required:

Increase Code character limit which is currently max at 60 characters. An error window will appear if character limit is reached.


How would it help their business process:
Customers have data values that exceed 60 characters when they try to import data into their List. When they try to compromise and change their character limit, it affects their work efficiency and sometimes they have no control over the integrity of the data.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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There is a limit of 60 characters in the code .Is it possible to extend the limit of 60 characters of the Code to 150 characters ? 

Nicolas Cadier
Certified Master Anaplanner

I think this is a great idea and much needed feature.

Currently, it is difficult to adhere to Best Practice where a transactional list/data set has many properties, as the concatenated result of the codes of each property can exceed 60 characters.

If this limit could be increased to 256 it would make following those guidelines much easier!

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Certified Master Anaplanner

I agree with @Nicolas Cadier as well. We typically find that the data we work with is too detailed to adhere to best practices because of the code character limit. It would be great if the limit was increased significantly!