Indicate the source module in a worksheet

Indicate the source module in a worksheet

Our users need to know the source module in a worksheet in order to be able to use the Addin Excel extension. It's possible to see it in a card on a Board, it is regrettable not to offer this information also in a worksheet.





Worksheet 😞 :




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I guess end-users should not be so much concerned about the source models. Why would they use the excel-addin if they have a worksheet? But yes, it is a great bummer for page builders and model admins.



Our end users are management controllers, for exemple they can prepare their data and use the send and refresh functionality from the excel addin.


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I think this would help the productivity.

Currently, as a page builder you need to go into designer page mode and identify the source of the worksheet source. 

It would be easier if this would be available directly in the grid ( as it is for grid cards).