LOOKUP does not work on list parents and only leaf items

When a LOOKUP is done on a parent item in a module, the result does not resolve to the column with that respective parent. Subsequently the value shows 0.
To reproduce:
1. Create list with leaf item and parent
2. Create module with column 1 as "Data", column 2 as "Parent", and column 3 as "Lookup", using list from 1. as the dimension.
3. In column 2, set formula to "PARENT(ITEM(List))"
4. In column 3, set formula to Data[LOOKUP:Parent]
Column 3 displays 0

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We have just encountered this a few times and have a workaround we think will work. But it's limited in use, especially when we are using large lists. We would be very interested in seeing this issue resolved.

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we also need a solution to this problem

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We are also experiencing this issue. Please add parents if I'm looking up anything in that chain!

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