LOOKUP towards a line item that has less dimensions

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LOOKUP towards a line item that has less dimensions

Please add an option to use LOOKUP function towards a line item that has less dimensions. For example: I have a line item that has three dimensions:

  • Client
  • SKU
  • Month

I try to get some masterdata from Region, Month level that doesn't have SKU dimension. When I try to use [LOOKUP: Client.Region] towards this line item it works fine. But only until this is the only aggregation function within the formula. If I add a single SUM, the LOOKUP part starts returning an error.

I've had a discussion with Anaplan support team and they always refer to the Anapedia article that says the following:

The dimensions of the mappings must be dimensions of the result line item

The problem is that this constraint doesn't apply all the time. Mostly the formulas do work fine.

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