Limit Dropdown Options for Time Selections

It would be great to have the ability to limit the time selections when using a time dropdown selection on a given line item to choose between the Model Calendar timescale or a selected Time Range timescale. This can either be similar to dependent list dropdowns or something different. 


For example, if my Model Calendar only has FY20 but my Time Range has FY17-FY20. Currently, every dropdown selection includes all time periods in FY17-FY20, even if I only want to limit my selections to my FY20 time period. 


This will help reduce end user confusion and manual errors when entering in data. 

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Indeed it would be nice to be able to limit the Time formatted line-items similar to "normal" lists. 


Currently the only workaround is to create a dummy Time list with the same elements of the real Time list and implement the limitation on the dummy Time list. 


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Totally agree that this should be in the remit of the model builder to be able to decide which periods to display to a user. I would even suggest that it would be even better to also make this a dependent dropdown so that I can still use a Time Range or Model Calendar but then limit it by another line item. This then gives the ultimate degree of flexibility. 

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