Limit "Open Source Module" Options

Limit "Open Source Module" Options

Currently, there is an option to disable open source module for a module published to a dashboard. I am requesting two enhanced features related to this:

  1. The ability to turn off "open source module" by module/role without setting access to "none". Setting access to "none" prevents the end-user from being able to drill down all the way to the raw detail, but if we don't turn access to "none" then users would be able to open the module from the drill down screen and gain access to data they should not (due to the recent update on 4/13/19)
  2. If "open source module" is disabled for a module on a given dashboard, it should disallow users from having the "open source module" option in the drill down screens.
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I don't see any solution provided for this issue.Can i have update on this as i am also facing the similar issue?

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