Log user access through NUX in the audit log

Log user access through NUX in the audit log

The administrator audit log today tracks when a user accesses a model, which makes it useful for monitoring both unauthorized access/incorrect user settings and model usage across the platform. However, it does not log when a user accesses the model through NUX (which is not logged anywhere according to the support).

As an admin, I would like to see even these accesses be logged in the audit log. The benefit would be that I can continue to use the same source for security and usage monitoring, no matter what UX the model is using. Since every NUX page is linked to a specific model, opening a page could trigger the log event.


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Hey @Miran, Is it still 17 kudos that's the limit for consideration? 🙂

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Hi @RicEnq, the threshold is still 17 kudos. Our Product team will be reviewing this idea and will update it accordingly as soon as possible.


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