Maintenance/Releases Should Not Interfere with Quarter Close

Maintenance/Releases Should Not Interfere with Quarter Close

Anaplan notifies customers of releases/platform maintenance that prevent users from accessing the platform for several hours.


The only ask here is that Anaplan avoid releasing during quarter end (like this upcoming April 6) as many of our users will work on Saturdays to finalize their tasks, many of which are due the Monday after.


Is it possible to avoid down times during month/quarter close?

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We would totally agree. It seems like the down times are always during a month end, quarter end, or heavy plan period for us. I recognize that it isn't possible to avoid every heavy period for all customers, but avoiding the first few weeks of a new calendar quarter seems reasonable enough. We have had that request by several of our users.

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Hi there, 


Thank you for taking the time to write this concern. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I want to let you know that we are making improvements to this process and our infrastructure, which includes upgrades and innovations to every layer of our platform. This will ultimately increase system availability, scalability and performance. In addition, we try our best to pick times that work for all anaplanners. We know this is an opportunity for improvement and we hear you. 


As a reminder, if you'd like more information on platform releases, upcoming features or our release calendar, you can always check out the Platform Updates area of our Community for the latest information.


In addition, please make sure your Business partner from Anaplan is aware of any issues you have so we can continue to make sure we are evaluating best times that fit for the majority as we continue to enhance our process and platform. 


Thanks again for your feedback. 



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I wanted to follow up on this to see if there were any further improvements made to this issue. We are also having conflicts with the maintenance/release dates due to critical deadlines in Q3/Q4 for Territory & Quota related purposes. 

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Following up on this thread over two years later...still have planned outages generally twice per month on Saturdays from 1-5p.m.PT.  Can we get this moved to late Saturday evening/early Sunday a.m. by local time?