Manage Email Notifications on Workspace Creation

Description of the enhancement:

As an administrator I need to be able to edit/change/stop email notifications that go out to users.

I would like to be able to have granular control over all notifiations and their associated action triggers. This would include temporarily blocking/turning off notifications for a period of time and then re-enabling them after the fact. 

I would also like the ability to edit a template (or have my BP edit the template) so that the automatic notifications are relevant and specific to my users and my company.


How this would improve my business process:

We do some testing of the models before launch to our users. We don't want users to receive notifications during the testing phase or the set-up phase. With regards to the template, in some cases I want my users to reach to someone internally before reaching out to Anaplan support so I'd like to include that in the notification (rather than having it direct users directly to Anaplan support). 

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Description of the enhancement required:

Ability to control when users receive e-mail notifications when granted access and ability to send e-mail to users within a workspace/model with a custom message.


An example of the enhancement:

When a user is granted access, then an e-mail notification is sent on a specified date/time. Also, when a standard message needs to be sent to all or single user within a workspace/model then an e-mail can be sent from within Anaplan.


How would it help the business process:

This enhancement would be beneficial:

* To have control on the timing of e-mail notifications being sent to users to prevent it from being treated like spam
* Grouping notifications together
* Single source for communication

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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We would also like to be able to control the content of the notification. Especially it would be intuitive for the user, if our SSO-url were included. We e.g. also want the notification to refer to the local support contacts to avoid the current standard reference to the central user admin.

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Agreed with all points from the OP. I consistently get the same questions asked from clients:

  • Can we alter the email that is sent to end users?
  • Can we disable all irrelevant Anaplan related emails to end users?

For clients that have +1k users this becomes a critical feature and should be standard especially since Anaplan is utilized between mid to large size companies. 

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It would be great that we can have this functionality before large roll out!  It would help us to improve UAT test process.  



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Add that the admin should be able to Resend the welcome email to specific users without having to remove them and re add them to the workspace. Practical example - all users are added to workspace by a partner during development - users don't login until testing and have since 'lost' the email and ask for it to be resent.

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Dear Anaplan,


topic was marked as "Considered for Future Roadmap" on ‎08-15-2018. 

This improvement can improve our users experience and reduce manual efforts on support team side, so I am very interested in a progress. Could you, please, share latest news?




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I agree.

There is a request for management of the e-mails delivered at the time of user registration. We would like to see the roll of e-mails in the user administrator side.

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Dear @AnaplanIdeas ,


topic was marked as "Considered for Future Roadmap" two years ago, on ‎08-15-2018. Could you, please, share latest news?




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