Mapping History ID to the revision tag

Mapping History ID to the revision tag

Having a additonal field in revision tag tab to captuure history ID. This ID should get auto populated with latest history ID when we create a revision tag, this will help to easily find the history ID of each revision tag and helps us to roll back/forward the models.


If we want to go back to future while fixing any defects or making changes to earlier version then we need to currently maintain the revision tag and the history ID seperately in other model or an excel.

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The Revision Tag and description is shown separately in the history as a distinct row

as shown below


So the history ID immediately below is the one to use for a restore



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@DavidSmith I agree with you, but if we get the history ID in the revision tag tab then we no need track seperately what the latest history ID of my previous version of structure to roll back. We can directly get the history ID from revision tag itself and use it for roll back & future.