Mass add to Numbered Lists in NUX

Mass add to Numbered Lists in NUX

We would like to create a table in a dashboard that allows end users to add multiple lines at a time. Allowing us to then assign the role/rate (or select from drop down) for what each line should include.


Currently we have to add a line to a table (Number list) one by one in the NUX.

Is this something we are planning to add to the NUX in the near future?


(Background, we are using this type of table to set up statement of work for Professional Services bookings)


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Great idea. Perfect use case for fashion retail. Always need our placeholder items and it's a pain to build them one at a time.

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Yes, PLEASE. This would be a huge win for our Professional Services use case

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This capability does exits on a worksheet in the new ux.  Right click and select "insert multiple items".  HOWEVER.  You can also delete items and change parent and you cannot restrict a users ability to do either of these things like you could in an old UX dashboard.  I have posted an idea on the exchange to correct this.  Please like it so we can get this functionality back.

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This would be a massive help.