Model history should not block the model

Model history should not block the model

While model history is being retrieved for display to the requestor, then the model will be blocked for any other use. It should not be needed to block the full model since this display activity cannot compromise the integrity of the data.


We have recently consolidated into fewer hypermodels, which each contains more users. The users continue to perform history lookups with same frequency, whereby all users more often will experience to be blocked.


To make the blocking worse with a consolidated model, then the time for individual lookup (and blocking) takes longer due to the more total model changes in the consolidated model.


By avoiding the blocking will especially hypermodels and other large-scale models be better supported.

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I agree with this export history and I guess the above is valid for exporting data from list as well, as exports should affect the data integrity. it will be great if such exports do not block the system for the users.


It could be useful.


History is extremely useful for lots of purposes ... especially users/admin can check the changes the users have been doing and know what happened in between.


Personally I have never encountered a situation in which the history export is being done all the time or with an increased frequency but needless to say ... history should should not affect the user experience.


My guess is that this will not change ... 

History is updated all the time obviously, so there would be some kind of impact still to find the right range of changes to prepare the extract.

Would be useful though for it to work only on your session and not on other users.


Similarly to how the model opens at your end. It does not slow down the performance for others .... it is just done in your browser memory.


Who knows ... maybe it is on Anaplans To-Do list already to look at it.

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Thumbs up for this.  Currently, we have to ask our users to run History during off peak times (early mornings or on weekends) to avoid the system hold up.