Modules or Actions Used in Dashboards for NUX

Modules or Actions Used in Dashboards for NUX

Currently we are able to see where a module or process is used on a Dashboard. We need to have a similar ability for the NUX which warns or stops you deleting an object if it is referenced on a Page or App.

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Surprised that it isn't. Great suggestion!

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agree completely

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Totally agree. 


Currently, the App is quite a separate entity from the model and is nothing to indicate the relationships between modules and actions using as starting point the classic interface. 


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As above also have been mentioning it is crucial to see if a module or action is "Used in Dashboard" as this is not now filled in. And also if a Module are used in a action.


I would also like the possibility to have a "saved view - overview".

In the saved view overview I would like to see if all of the saved views in one place and see if they are used in a process/Export(Action) or in a dashborad. I would also prefer if I could change name or delete them from the same overview.


I remember the time we didn't have the 'Used in Dashboards' column - then it was a challenge to clean-up the model from old modules/action and it took hours of dedicated work. Now we have this problem again - we all know how important to keep the model clean, but it's always a big risk to delete smth in use. Hope, this will be in roadmap in the nearest future. 

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Please please add this functionality. We are currently transitioning over to the NUX and we have definitely run into this issue a few times where we wanted to update a module but weren't sure where it was being referenced in the NUX.

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