Modules or Actions Used in NUX Pages

Modules or Actions Used in NUX Pages

Currently we are able to see where a module or process is used on a Dashboard. We need to have a similar ability for the NUX which warns or stops you deleting an object if it is referenced on a Page or App.

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Surprised that it isn't. Great suggestion!

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agree completely

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Totally agree. 


Currently, the App is quite a separate entity from the model and is nothing to indicate the relationships between modules and actions using as starting point the classic interface. 



As above also have been mentioning it is crucial to see if a module or action is "Used in Dashboard" as this is not now filled in. And also if a Module are used in a action.


I would also like the possibility to have a "saved view - overview".

In the saved view overview I would like to see if all of the saved views in one place and see if they are used in a process/Export(Action) or in a dashborad. I would also prefer if I could change name or delete them from the same overview.


I remember the time we didn't have the 'Used in Dashboards' column - then it was a challenge to clean-up the model from old modules/action and it took hours of dedicated work. Now we have this problem again - we all know how important to keep the model clean, but it's always a big risk to delete smth in use. Hope, this will be in roadmap in the nearest future. 

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Please please add this functionality. We are currently transitioning over to the NUX and we have definitely run into this issue a few times where we wanted to update a module but weren't sure where it was being referenced in the NUX.

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Yes, we all strive to apply best practices of making our solutions Performant and only have modules /line items that are Necessary (from PLANS).  As the team develops the solution sometimes a module is built but subsequently not used.  We want to review the model frequently and discard those modules/line items no longer used.  Given our models can be big, many modules and pages, it is not easy to see which are still used.  Of course we will apply ALM and test any deletions before deploying to prod, but we are really worried we will miss some page using a module.  This 'modules/actions used' visibility is really critical for us to follow PLANS and safely maintain our models.

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This would absolutely be a time saver! Go for it!!

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Great idea!!


Keeping models clear of old actions and modules is a real challenge without this.

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I agree, this functionality is needed and would be highly valuable. For an enterprise-scale deployment, having the ability to easily trace back to the base module is crucial.

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This is absolutely needed.
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As someone who spends most of my time diagnosing issues in models and NUX pages, the ability to have traceability for modules being used in UX pages the same way we have it for model references and dashboards would made troubleshooting so much easier.   

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This is sth we must-to-have, hope it will include in future releases soon!

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I want to revive this. As Anaplan grows in larger organizations, this is rapidly becoming essential. The amount of time spent triangulating which modules are used where is approaching critical thresholds on projects. This would save time and expense and allow for drastically easier maintenance.

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To add, this functionality would be extremely useful in setting Roles' access to the Pages.

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Yes, yes and yes! We, as builders, can't see any connections to NUX apps in modelers UI.