More Detailed Filters on Anaplan Model History

More Detailed Filters on Anaplan Model History

Currently, History page only allows us to filter based on date range.  I think the search functionalities should be expanded further. 


It should be categorized at least as metadata (structural) and data changes.  This will enable us to review model structural changes apart from comparing revision tags.  For example, after creating an action in Development that performs insert into a production data numbered list, we run the action and do further structural changes.  This will result in a lot of Add Item rows returned in History search result, which makes the history review of other structural changes made prior to creating the action difficult.  The same thing happens if there are many other data changes in between structural changes. 


Furthermore, we can also limit the search by event.  For example, for structural changes, we can do further search for Add Line Item, Delete Line Item, or any other structural event.

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I think this will be great functionality @andre.lie . Will upvote it 

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Great idea! Am sure it's the same with most people, I end up downloading it all into excel and excel-ifying to find out what I need

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