More Training Options

More Training Options

The training provided by Anaplan is extremely limited for Customers.  Aside from 4 generic courses, your options are to: (1) scroll through Anapedia and hope to find what you are looking for, or (2) pay for Consulting. 


I believe it would be beneficial to continually update Anaplan Academy with new courses. This will enable Model Builders to continuously improve their skills, and stay up to date on the latest enhancements.


It would also be beneficial to roll out training forums whenever a new feature, like Excel Add-In 3.0, is added, so users can ask questions that are not covered by the generic demo video. 

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Community Manager

@lmcleod Thanks for the suggestions- I'm going to go ahead and move this into the Investigating status as it is something we will definitely look into further - We may look to break this into a few ideas in the future to help cover it all!

For training content - You can find additional resources under each topic including, Admin and Security for example has 10 courses available -> -- We do have some work underway to improve the overall learner experience within Community that we hope to share more details about in the near future.


Forums are something we are working on enhancing now, with the first ones having launched this week with the "All Forums" option under Topics.  We will continue to look at how we can help increase engagement and encourage users to post, and your feedback on launch items is exactly what we want to hear about.  We'll definitely take that into account.

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