More dashboard formatting options (bold grid lines)

More dashboard formatting options (bold grid lines)


When publishing a Dashboard, we would like to have the option to modify or customize the thickness of the borders to better segregate the line items from each other. We want the ability to add bold borders, hashed borders, double borders, etc.


The border must be able to surround the entire dashboard to help users when they read the dashboard. As we have thousands of lines, we feel the addition of this is more convenient for end users.

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Status changed to: On Roadmap
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This feature is a must have. Without this feature my customer is asking me to create different Dashboard views so they can logically look at the data and quickly idently the different segments.

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I recently had a request from end users reagrding this.. Would be great to have

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Agree, this would be very useful when building PnLs as well. So you can easily identify the main line items of the PnLs instead of having all lines items looking just the same. 

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+1 : we have quite a few hicups with the minimal formatting options in ux when you try to move people from excel.


This would be really helpful to have more Excel like formatting options for grids.