Multi-language Pages & Object names

Multi-language Pages & Object names

As a model builder I need the ability to create multi-language Pages for end users, who work within global multinational companies and prefer to make the analysis on the basis of information in their native languages.

I see this as an additional settings tab within Anaplan, where languages can be added in Languаge List (one list member is by default and can't be deleted, although can be renamed, others can be added/renamed/deleted by Administrator).

If additional Language is added, administrator can assign new names for list members (each member of numbered and ordinary lists, also Versions & Time), line items, module names and actions. If name for the object is not set up by Administrator, then the name of 'Language by default' is used.

Language settings should be also available for NUX Pages. Page Builders can select 'Customize Language', so then the 'copy' of the Page appears: he can re-fill the Text Cards for End Users and assign the Language from Language List for this Page. 

Finally, Administrator can set up the language for each User in Users Settings. If nothing is chosen, then the 'Language by Default' is applied. 

Some pictures are attached for better explanation, how it can be visualized:

2022-02-04_17-19-45 (2).png2022-02-04_17-21-02 (3).png2022-02-04_17-23-51 (2).png

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