NEW UX - Export Boards as PDFs process

NEW UX - Export Boards as PDFs process

Hi Anaplan, 


It would be great if the NEW UX had the capability to export boards as PDFs for reporting. 

Many customer are asking for this as they have previously created many reports using this in the OLD UX so would like to see the functionality in the NEW UX. 





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I Think it also should be possible to Export boards to pptx.

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@usman.zia I'm please to update we recently released the ability to export a Board to a PDF file. Full comms around this will be released shortly.

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Thanks @sprender 


This is great news! 

Can't wait to have this!

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I see that we can now export boards to PDF, however, in the classic UX when we did this it would automatically expand any information in the grids on the DB when exporting to PDF.  Now in the new UX it only show what is in the grid in the view not the full grid.  Is there any way to do this without exporting that specific grid separately on the New UX page?

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