NEW UX: Pivot

NEW UX: Pivot

An important feature missing in New UX is user-friendly pivoting. Here are key problems:

  1. Pivoting (by non-admin user) is possible only in a saved copy of a page
  2. Even in a personal copy it requires from user a number of non-intuitive steps. For example in Boards:
    1. Click Edit this page
    2. Click Edit this card
    3. Click Back
    4. Select a custom view (usage of pre-defined Module views as starting point is not allowed!)
    5. Configure the required view from the very beginning

All this discourage users from using New UX. I tnink pivoting in New UX must be available by simple clicking an icon / menu option, as in classic UX.

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Agree, this is really critical to allow new UX to substitute old one. 

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I agree: New UX would really benefit from this.


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I think this idea makes total sense. 

An intuitive drag and drop approach, similar to other tools/competitors would be very nice. 

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We are currently working on the end user ability to pivot a worksheet.

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Totally agree.

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Highly appreciated!

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End user pivot has now been released on Worksheets.

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Is there a plan to deliver the same for Boards?

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Are you planning to make available pivoting for grids in Additional Insights? And Pivoting for main grids made based on Saved View is unavailable now, is it in plans to make it in future? Thanks!:) 

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We are planning on adding pivot to maximised cards on Boards. We have no plans to support end user pivot on saved module views, you will need to use a custom view if you want to allow end users to perform a pivot on the page.

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We would like to use custom views, the only restriction now is ability to filter on rows in them. We are workarounding to make filters by applying them in saved module views but then face a problem of users not able to pivot. 

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Hi @sprender,

exactly same issue as indicated by @YuliaL. We would prefer to use custom views much more, but this is often not possible... Not only because we cannot filter on nested dimension with line items, but also because we cannot reorder line items, cannot select line items to show and pivot the view while preparing the view to be published, as it used to be... Are there any plans to tackle these challenges? 

Not using Saved Views, we are able to leverage the NUX completely and take advantage of pivoting, new great options for conditional formatting etc.


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Hi @filip.sypniewski ,


Yes the plan is to tackle these challenges so custom views are more in line with what you can do with saved module views today. In the next few months we will be adding filtering on line items followed by re-ordering line items in the view designer. While we continue the work on our roadmap to deliver these features you can use saved module view but we understand the user experience will be much better when everything can be done using custom views in the UX which is what we are working towards.

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Thank you very much @sprender, great to hear! 

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