NUX Comments - Delete & Tag

NUX Comments - Delete & Tag

Comments functionality in UX is really amazing, we like how it enables users to communicate and collaborate within Anaplan. This is great step forward.  

I think this functionality could be improved to work even better.

- I would like to be able to delete my comments

- Workspace Administrator could delete all comments

- I would like to be able to tag another user, so they receive e-mail or/and notification within Anaplan, now it is hard to find a comment.

- I would like to be able to edit my comments (thanks @nathan.buss!) 


This would allow to take full advantage of this great possibility to communicate with other users within Anaplan! 


@filip.sypniewski  If Anaplan Manages to pull it off i.e., tagging another user and the user gets the notification (either via email or Pop up within Anaplan on his screen) this will be a huge huge step towards (much lagging) Workflow. 

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Would love to see this development to further improve workflow offering!

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It looks like we should be able to tag people in comments with the recent Collaboration release. Is this a known issue that tagging in comments doesn't work?? @Rebecca ?


Definitely +1 for deleting comments! Especially when you comment for testing and training purposes. We need the ability to delete them. 

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+1 for deleting comments also!


Based on that post  ^^^ it does seem like tagging people should be available, but it doesn't seem to be working for me either.

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To add the above, it would be great if we could also edit a comment that we have already posted (similar to the Slack feature)




Post that you have referred is something else and was for Notify Action and Sharing URLs of Boards and Worksheets. Here we are referring to Tagging people in Comment section.

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Definitely @nathan.buss, I agree. I will add it to the main idea if you do not mind, so it is quite complete post regarding the comments functionality. 


Ability to turn it on/off similar to My Pages would be great, especially since there is no Delete/Edit option yet.

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+1 for deleting comments !

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+1 for deleting comments and tagging other users

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+1 for deleting and tagging. Tagging with "@" in the comments doesn't work in our models. Would be big win to have these type of collaboration features. 

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+1 for deleting and ability to edit columns.


@ to tag would be super handy.


Finally - Another feature would be to comment on specific line items or cells rather than the whole module.


+ 1 for Delete comments,

+1 for tagging other users


Many Kudo's for delete, reset or archive ability, at least by and admin.

I would also like to see an integration for commentary to create a notification in Slack, teams, etc. that would notify a user with the comment and a link back to the Anaplan page.

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+1 for delete and tagging comments.


It could be also great to have a view of all comments on a board (for all cards)

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Comments is an amazing furture in new UX. But yes if there is option to delete the comments and tag the users it will be added advantage.


1+ for deleting and editing comments

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Agree with all the suggestions above : deleting, editing, taging, commenting on a cell

I would also add +1 for commeting on worksheet pages (only available on Boards for the moment)

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This is already a good feature and if the ability to tag and delete comments are provided then it is a welcome addition.

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+1 for deleting and tagging. Tagging with "@" for example and the user gets the notification (either via email or Pop up within Anaplan on his screen) would be a great step forward