NUX Comments - Security Driven Comments

NUX Comments - Security Driven Comments

I'm excited to see new collaboration features coming to the platform but the lack of context being applied to comments makes them not very useful and will require very specific training and notice for users to make sure they do not share sensitive information with other users. A specific example is incentive compensation where your selective access is specific to your own pay. Since everything else in Anaplan is context-driven, a user could very easily comment on the card thinking it was specific to the context selection and not just associated with the card. 


A few features that would address the security concern here:

  • Have comments context-driven
  • Allow the comment option to be turned off
  • Allow a user to delete their comments
  • Provide instruction that the comment is for the card in general and all users with access to the card will see it



Comment on the cards are based on the selection that you make in Context Selectors and is NOT Selection Agnostic. It surely does depend on the selection and not the card entirely. But I agree with rest of the points in your idea.

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@Misbah thanks for the follow-up comment. We had done some testing internally the moment it came out and we were not seeing the comments sync to the context selectors but it does appear to be doing so now. I just did some further testing and it appears that it syncs based on dimensions pivoted as selectors but not if you click on the dimensions within the grid. It also seems to have inconsistent results with the page sectors but I will need to conduct further testing.


Currently do not have feature to delete the comments. Adding this feature will help to manage comments as whole.

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Hi there, I can confirm that conversation threads on cards are tied to the context, so in the situation described above a user who has access only to the list item for their own record can only comment on the thread for that particular list item - if their manager has access to multiple list items, they will see a different conversation thread (on the same card) for each different context.


Deleting a comment is on the roadmap for early this year and we are considering comment management for page builders in the latter half of the year.

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