NUX Customize Load File message

NUX Customize Load File message

Hi All,

in NUX when Users need to load the file, they can see following message:


It always says 'select the CSV file'. This is really confusing, because in this case Users are obliged to load Unicode Text file. Although, they always see CSV here. We are not able to edit or customize this message.


Using classic dashboard, the message is not confusing, it doesn't mention type of the file


I suggest that in order to improve User Experience and avoid confusion:

- the message should be customizable


- the message should be the same as when using classic dashboards.



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Certified Master Anaplanner

I did not pay attention to the message, but indeed, it gives the impression that in Anaplan you could upload only CSV file. 🙂

In Anaplan it is possible to upload any TXT file (not only CSV). 


Indeed, in NUX, the message could be a more general one... like it was in classic dashboards.